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Higher Education Moving Toward Relevance

Higher Education Moving Toward Relevance
In 20 years, we will see retired professionals working in the academic industry, providing relevant skills and advice to students looking to enter the workforce. Photo by Keoni Cabral.

I can see the broad spectrum of programs which are available to underlying adult professionals being increased by any collages and universities across the map. Not only the programs which become more accessible to these professionals but the availability for these programs to be connected to the real career market.

Sometimes I feel as if the collages and universities need to have a tighter connection to what is available in the business world as compared to what is offered just at the professional level. Just as the goal connection from students needs to be understanding to give them a general and specific idea of what they are in for when they pursue a program or a career field, the faculty and admissions need to have a core of whom to be able to contact in order for these graduates to be places in the career world. Due to a lack in jobs and fields being placed on hold for several years, more students look to work themselves back into the academic world to get a deeper understanding of what else they can become.

I have a group of peers who have entered into these fields as they already have a general idea of what they will become at the end of the degree program. Just as they already have a Bachelor and a Master degree, some of them are continuing back for a MBA degree or a terminal (PhD/DBA) degree to advance their skills.

Also, those who seek academic related careers have been publishing and reviewing more journal articles than those who have only endured the basics of the terminal degree plans. These professionals have worked hard in their field and have a track record of what types of work they are responsible for creating. I feel as if these individuals have a better capability to work closer with tenure and chair professors based that their career choice is of this opposition.

The next 20 years we will see help in various fields for the adaption of work related studies in the concepts towards overall performance in professional fields. More retired and seasoned professionals will begin to help work with students who seek career positions in these fields by academically assisting in tutoring them academically and professionally. From this they will be able to advance their skills to become professionals of these fields in various locations to help an overall growth of professionalism in the workplace.

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