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5 Things you Need to Know

Whether you are new to the industry or just new to our website, this page will give you an overview of the conversations dominating non-traditional higher education today. The EvoLLLution®started in an effort to provide a centralized forum for postsecondary students, university presidents, corporate executives and everyone in-between to discuss the industry and share ideas that provoke innovation and change.

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Here is a sampling of what our contributors are talking about:

1. The Changing Postsecondary Environment

The higher education marketplace is in a state of significant transformation. Characterized by closures, plummeting budgets and a lack of connection to the labor market, colleges and university leaders are searching for ways to adapt to the changes and prepare their institutions for sustainable, long-term success.

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2. The Role of Customer Service in Higher Education

Students are demanding more than ever before from their institutions, and in order to meet their needs, universities and colleges are starting to think more like businesses. Academic integrity is still paramount, but institutions are now also considering what programs students want to take and how students want to communicate. Colleges and universities are rethinking the ways they engage with students.

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3. Succeeding in a Competitive Marketplace

With the rise of online learning and the introduction of new types of credentials, higher education has become an incredibly competitive market. In order to succeed, institutions must focus on their stakeholders and differentiate themselves with innovative approaches to teaching, administration and marketing.

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4. Managing Complex Postsecondary Institutions

Colleges and universities are immensely complex organizations with innumerable stakeholders, varying levels of oversight requirements and a wide and diverse range of offerings. Managing these organizations require similarly complex systems that help leaders make sense of everything and steer the institution toward success.

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5. The Changing Face of Credentials

Many institutions are offering innovative programs and alternate forms of credentials in response to rapidly advancing technology and changing student needs and expectations. While it is dangerous to adopt new programs simply as a response to bandwagon impulses, market-leading institutions are carefully considering their goals and using innovative approaches to get there.

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