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The Learning-Committed Life

Love of learning has dominated my life—it’s at the center of my career as CEO of NetCom Learning, and it’s how I spend my spare time. This is no surprise since my father is a man who has always been passionate about learning and possesses a tremendously curious mind.

When I was a boy in Bangladesh, he returned home from a long day as the director of a local hospital, not to lie on the couch or watch television, but to read late into the night—a dozen newspapers, along with piles of books.

“You’ll ruin your eyes!” my mother used to tell him.

But my father was well aware of how much knowledge there was in the world and how important it was to partake of it, and I have followed in his footsteps.

Learning is not only vital for success in life and business, it is also physically and mentally beneficial. When we learn, the connections between our brain cells grow stronger, and new pathways are etched into our brains. To keep the neurons of the brain alive and vital, a person should learn something new each day. It turned out my parents were far ahead of their time in promoting the importance of continual learning for a successful life.

In my own life, I have always wanted to create a learning movement, not only in my corporation and home, but also in the entire country. This is a promising and crucial time to promote lifelong learning. With high unemployment and increased competition due to globalization and technological changes, established skills are becoming obsolete. In order to remain competitive in this changing environment, all of us need to continue learning.

These are the eight steps that I consider vital for becoming a passionate learner. They are:

Step 1. Learning Value: Appreciate the value of attaining continuous knowledge.

Step 2. Learning Commitment: Embrace being a committed lifelong learner.

Step 3. Learning Attitude: Develop the right attitude towards continuous learning.

Step 4. Learning Plan: Develop an effective learning plan to excel in your field.

Step 5. Learning Method: Become an effective learner by combining a variety of learning methods.

Step 6. Reading: Read an hour each day and grow wealthy.

Step 7. Library: Build your own library.

Step 8. Learning Application: Apply what you have learned.

Learning is more crucial than ever for achieving a productive life and career. I ask you to join me in a new learning movement that will inspire a needed shift in our culture’s attitude toward learning.

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