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Pack Your Passion for Denver 2019

The EvoLLLution | Pack Your Passion for Denver 2019
Early-bird registration for ACHE 2019 in Denver, CO ends on August 1, 2019. Register now!

When force and passion collide, good things happen. This year’s ACHE conference in Denver, Colorado, promises good things: expert exhibitors, innovative keynote speakers, absorbing breakout sessions and workshops, new blood, shared ideas, meals for the gourmand and mountain air for three pleasurable days.

We come from all corners of the United States and from Canada, Asia and Mexico to celebrate the good work that is continuing higher education.

We come as lifelong learners, faculty, staff, students, deans, presidents, resource partners, researchers and aspiring leaders.

We come as advocates for higher education access for adults. We come as collaborators in finding new ways to deliver higher education to a growing and diverse student population. We bring our force and our passion.

The planning for this event is a year-long effort, involving a team of ACHE members and staff who work hard to provide enriching experiences for every participant. Our 2019 conference will focus on four timely themes:

  • Building for the Future
  • Disruption and Innovation
  • Leadership and Change
  • Technology

In the rapidly changing higher education landscape, we sought themes that invite solutions and effective collaboration with our presenters and resource partners. Our futures come with new expectations and marketplaces. Our economy and the increased demands on our students and co-workers challenge us with unforeseen undercurrents of change. It is our collective innovation that can take us to the frontlines. Change is the work of solid and visionary leadership. Our organization seeks to share wisdom and new ideas with emerging leaders. Since technology is the defining factor in the pace of change, we seek to find the best practices in streamlining our efforts and reaching our communities with new information.

Our sessions and keynote speakers will focus on these challenging topics and solutions. We will engage in what promises to be lively and dimensional exchanges in our time together.

This year, we celebrate 81 years of serving the continuing higher education. Founded in 1939 in New York, we were originally the Association of University Evening Classes. In 1973, we evolved to the Association for Continuing Higher Education. We are building momentum, now with over 1,200 individual members and 300 institutions, research organizations and other resource partners.

We invite you to join us, learn with us, and celebrate with us as we enter our 81st year of making a difference in the lives of so many. This organization has been a defining cog in our careers, providing support, resources, inspiration, lifelong friendships, mentoring moments and professional development. These are the benefits of being an ACHE member. Registration is open and we are ready for you to join us.

Pack your passion and help us make good things happen!


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