Published on 2012/11/09

What Groups Most Benefit from Online Learning?

Sarah Harman from Business 2 Community recently put together a list of the five groups that could most benefit from distance and online learning.

First, she looks at the value of online programming for business owners. While business owners and entrepreneurs are almost certainly too busy to take the time out to learn more about the art of running a business in-class, online learning options would give them access to the educational opportunities business owners could need to take their business to the next level.

Second, she explained how online learning could be of value to undervalued employees. A recognized qualification is one way an employee can increase the pressure for a promotion, and going outside the company’s own training processes shows initiative and passion.

Third, online learning options can be valuable to those who live in regions with a lack of high-quality educational opportunities available.

Fourth, Harman explains that new parents could greatly benefit from online learning’s growth. By engaging in online education while on maternity or paternity leave, new parents can keep current in their respective industries and return to the office providing more value to their employees than they did when they left.

Finally, she explains that financially challenged individuals can greatly benefit from online learning opportunities. Earning a post-secondary credential can be an expensive proposition, but online learning can allow students to earn credentials while maintaining a full-time job. Online learning courses are also, often, cheaper to enroll in than traditional in-class courses.

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