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Creating a Constellation of Offerings with Microcredentials and Continuing Education

As microcredentials continue to be a hot topic in higher education, it’s important for institution to leverage the right expertise to implement and scale microcredentials strategically. 

Illumination by Modern Campus: Episode 14

On this week’s episode of Illumination by Modern Campus, we look at the key role microcredentials play in meeting modern learner needs and how to leverage Continuing Education’s expertise to drive this shift.  

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in microcredentials, particularly when it comes to higher education. But microcredentials aren’t new;they’ve been around for decades. So why are they finally capturing everyone’s attention now? 

Continuing Education divisions have been serving non-traditional learners for decades. They have the expertise to serve short-term programming that  modern learners demand. As more institutions look at implementing microcredentials, the subject matter expertise is right in front of them. So how can microcredentials help CE divisions become  lead drivers of institutional growth? 

Microcredentials not only benefit learners but also employers. There’s a skills gap between industry and institutions that needs to be closed. Microcredentials can provide a solution, but how can schools help employers understand the value of them? 

The launch and scaling of microcredentials have grown significantly since the disruption of the pandemic. Some schools shifted to this model because they had to, rather than thoughtfully planning it out. But as time goes on, institutions can reflect on what they’ve created and what they’d like to achieve in the future. So what do they need to watch out for as they look to scale microcredentialing?

Listen to this week’s episode of Illumination by Modern Campus, featuring Kristine Collins, to unlock the answers to these questions and discover some best practices for launching microcredentials and leveraging the expertise of your Continuing Education division. 

Illumination Podcast Episode 14

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