Published on 2012/04/25

VIDEO | Strategic Partnerships: Innovation Through Effective Use Of Outside Organizations

Universities are increasingly partnering with outside organizations to differentiate in a crowded marketplace, increase their efficiency, and innovate while minimizing risk.

In this presentation from the 2012 UPCEA Annual Convention, Carol Fleming (Director of Outreach and Engagement, James Madison University), Cathy Sandeen (Dean of UC Los Angeles Extension), Merodie Hancock (Vice President and Executive Director Off-Campus Programs, Central Michigan University) and Wayne Smutz (Associate Vice President for Academic Outreach and Executive Director of the World Campus, Penn State University) share their insights on the best time to partner, the process for evaluating potential partners, and frameworks for successful partnerships. The panel is moderated by Chris Tilghman of InsideTrack.

Video originally posted on InsideTrack.

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Readers Comments

Rhonda White 2012/04/25 at 2:16 pm

Ms. Sandeen makes an excellent point right off the bat: partnerships are not equivalent to a buyer-seller relationship.

An effective partnership is indicative of a useful exchange between institutions and corporations – not evidence of a sell-out!

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