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VIDEO | Learning Methods: Become an Effective Learner by Combining a Variety of Learning Methods

It’s not easy to reach your destination without using proven methods to help guide you there. The most effective way to reach your goals is to develop your own learning method. This will lend to your learning enjoyment and ease.

There are five effective learning methods. Once you understand them, you can mix and match to create a blend that is just right for you.


Coaching: In my own life I’ve used many coaches, but my father was the main one; he was the original person who motivated me to perform at my personal best, who inspired and energized me. Coaches can help in all areas of business performance, from leadership and team playing to sales.

Mentoring: A mentor is typically a person who has experience in your industry or profession and gives you guidance targeted toward your specific needs. In my own case, I have regular meetings with other CEOs, where we mentor each other by asking questions and sharing experiences.

Self-Study: There are many forms of self-study, including reading, self-paced learning, e-learning, audio and video learning, and webinars. Reading is my favorite type of self-study, and I’ve found that it has a powerful effect on my brain. Each book teaches me something valuable about myself and my business.

Classroom: The most formal of learning methods, classroom learning can take place in both online and physical classrooms. In our company’s case, we utilize a combination approach, virtual by nature, but attended in real time by students throughout the country, who can collaborate with each other.

On-the-Job: This is a system of apprenticeship in which one person shows another how a particular task is performed or watches him carry out a task to make sure he’s doing it correctly. I have used this system throughout my career, learning from clients, vendors, instructors, my leadership team, and employees.

Most successful learners combine all five of these techniques in some way. Finding your ideal method will encourage the habits that promote lifelong learning.

It was essential for NetCom Learning to promote a learning environment that reached out to every employee. Using these five main learning methods was the best way to ensure that every employee had a path to follow. No employee is left out of this process, because every employee is valuable to NetCom Learning. The result of this strategic implementation was a 20 percent growth in productivity. This happened because we found ways to stimulate each employee’s learning method without adding unnecessary manpower. The value of utilizing my employees’ brilliant mind power has been a great motivator for NetCom Learning to continue our daily pursuit of business and personal excellence.

Map out your learning methods ahead of time, and head for success.

In the video above, I have looked at how Steve Jobs used mentorship to become a successful lifelong learner.

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