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VIDEO | Learning Commitment: Embrace Being A Committed Lifelong Learner

Commitment is the second step in becoming a passionate lifelong learner. It requires an adherence to excellence. It is a pledge you make to yourself. Before you can become committed, you have to know what you are passionate about; what excites and drives you.

I have an employee who worked for over ten years as a software developer, but it didn’t fulfill him. Being involved all day with code and numbers made him feel isolated. The large paycheck he received was no compensation for the tedious work he had to endure. The work simply went against the essence of who he was.

So, what did excite my employee? Interacting with people, selling and closing a deal, having the ability to control his destiny and income—the very opposite of his software job.

Many of us have the desire to change our lives and careers, but we allow our dreams to float off like helium balloons. As the years go by, change simply seems too arduous. But once you commit yourself, anything is possible.

My employee didn’t quit his job, but he finally made a commitment to pursue his real passion. He began attending sales and product training. He read sales-related books, articles, and magazines. Even though he had good people skills, this didn’t translate directly into sales prowess. He needed extensive practical experience, so he began working in the sales department with a small base and a high commission. This on-the-job training was invaluable in showing him the ropes and cuing him on aspects of sales that can only be learned by doing. He performed so well in this field that he eventually advanced to sales manager.

Commitment is a key component in learning; it creates the difference between wishing for something and attaining it.

Once you find your passion and commit to it, there will be no stopping you. You cannot learn enough.

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