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Last Days Of Hard Work

Last Days Of Hard Work
Adult students can have a tough time balancing school, work and family, but even when taking six classes in one semester there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Photo by Rajiv Patel

It is hard to believe that the school year is almost at its peak. It is almost this time to start to get ready for the finals. Since this is my last semester, I decided to take my last six classes and cram them into one semester. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was asking me if I was crazy.

At first I thought “Why I should be crazy? It’s only six classes.” However, once my semester started, I realized why everyone was thinking that I was crazy. The four out of six classes that I am taking are intensive writing and writing is not my most desired thing to do. Each week, I am required to write four papers. In addition, I am obliged to read at least two chapters for each class. Since three classes are online classes, I also need to participate in Discussion Board on Blackboard (This is an online program where you submit all your work and communicate with your Professors or classmates).

Furthermore, I feel overwhelmed with the materials, homework and pressure for my finals.  Also studying in other but your native language adds challenges and language barriers in writing papers or in understanding the material. Seeking some help from your fellow students is a great tool that helps me better understand if I am on the right track or not. Likewise, our University provides Writing Lab two days per week. Every week I make it a point to spend some time at the University Writing Lab where I get great tips on how to improve my papers to a college level. It takes a lot of my time that I do not have, but the end result is rewarded with an exceptional grade that I want to get.

The end is near and I cannot wait! However, I have just a few concerns with my few classes that will have cumulative final exams.

How can you remember so much material from about twenty chapters? Some students are really good and they are able to remember; unfortunately I am not one of them. In the past I tried all kinds of learning methods, but if the subject is not interesting nothing really helps. One mostly affective methods that works for me is group study sessions with fellow classmates. It challenges my knowledge and allows me to ask some questions if I need any clarification. However, attending an adult studies program creates challenges when trying to get a group together for group study sessions.

Let say the purpose of this it is not to discourage anyone, but to motivate everyone who reads this paper and want to enroll in school and continue with their dreams. Discouragement may come from thinking that school is too difficult, time consuming and challenging. An adult student with a family already has many responsibilities so school could be the last thing they are thinking about.  Even though I faced various challenges, knowing that there is an end in sight (with my finals are so close), I feel relieved and confident that I will finish with personal satisfaction and a degree in my hand. If I did it I believe that anyone can do it!

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