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Leveraging Student Affairs to Drive Enrollment and Retention

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Putting the learner first is critical to ongoing engagement and success. Student Affairs prioritizes this culture over all else.

Enrollment at Nicolet College has done something shocking since the start of the pandemic: it’s gone up.

In the 24th episode of Illumination by Modern Campus, Erika Warning-Meyer shares her theory behind the public two-year technical college’s success.

It’s all about viewing students as consumers which, she acknowledges, may be an unfamiliar mindset for many higher education professionals. Yet, as results at Nicolet have proven, customer success efforts are crucial to attracting and retaining today’s modern learners. 

“Having the individual relationships we did with students and the ability to intervene and be upfront in the pandemic … helped us keep our retention,” Warning-Meyer said.

She also discussed the tremendous value of student affairs—not just in building students’ institutional loyalty but also in maintaining the institution’s bottom line—and the effect of co-curricular engagement on continuing education.

Plus, listen in for some insider trivia. Amrit Ahluwalia, Illumination host and The EvoLLLution’s editor-in-chief explains the meaning behind The EvoLLLution’s three Ls. 

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