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Serving the Non-Credit Education Workforce

Tri-C has been able to grow their enrollment growth and revenue simply by having a simple registration processes that allows lifelong learners to get the education they need while entering the workforce.

Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) Workforce, Community & Economic Development Division (Workforce Division) is a leader in serving the non-credit education needs of Northeast Ohio’s local workforce and community. Offering a wide range of programming that meets both the personal and professional development needs of their key stakeholders, the goal of the college is to serve the community and reduce access barriers to the greatest extent possible. While they addressed many access barriers through the design of their programming, in 2018 Tri-C launched Destiny One, the student lifecycle management system from Destiny Solutions, to continue to drive their access efforts. Destiny One unites and streamlines the management of non-credit programs by integrating with the college’s main campus ERP system, engaging students with an Amazon-like experience, optimizing staff efficiency and providing business intelligence that empowers data-driven decision-making.

Ultimately, Tri-C has experienced significant growth in both course registrations and course revenue since the new student lifecycle management system was launched in June 2018. One specific example of a program that’s experienced significant growth is Encore, a program designed to serve local seniors and keep them engaged in their education. As a result, Tri-C is delivering the kind of experience that keeps individuals engaged over the course of their lifetime—serving everyone from children to seniors with personalized and flexible offerings designed to help them grow. Additionally, given the efficiencies delivered, college staff are able to focus on delivering high-quality experiences to learners rather than spending valuable time and energy on automatable tasks.


Within one year, Tri-C’s non-credit course revenues and enrollments have grown significantly. The percentage of registrations processed online has grown 56.8% since they implemented their new system. Since more learners are using self-service functionalities to engage with the institution, staff have more time at their disposal to serve learners who have questions or challenges. This is allowing Tri-C to shift to a more high-touch/high-tech management model. What’s more, revenue from Tri-C’s Workforce Division’s programming has grown 13.3% since the implementation of the system.

This growth is attributed to the improved simplicity and seamlessness of the registration process, which now presents less opportunities for prospective learners to exit the online registration system without registering for a class due to poor user functionality. Tri-C’s Encore program for seniors has experienced significant growth in the wake of the new system’s implementation. While the assumption is that tech-enabled self-service wouldn’t impact a program designed for learners who are 55-year-old and above, the fact is that enrollment in the Encore program has grown 53.9% over the year Tri-C has had its new system in place. The Tri-C team attributes this growth to the user-friendly nature of their new tech environment. Ultimately, the college had all the pieces in place to deliver high-quality programming designed to meet the needs of their community and key stakeholders. All they needed was a registration system that mirrored the quality they deliver in their educational environments to their administrative environment.


Through the consistent growth in enrollment numbers and revenue facilitated by the system’s implementation, Tri-C is already well on their way to making a return on their IT investment. But those efforts will be accelerated as they begin to leverage the real-time data available to them, allowing them to make informed programming and service delivery decisions based around the needs and expectations of learners.

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