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Why I Chose Walden University

There are a range of requirements different adult students have to pick the institution they want to attend, from flexibility and personalization to rigorous educational standards.

The following is a collection of responses from students and alumni of Walden University explaining what factors led them to choose Walden for their higher education experiences.

Luis Marquez | MS Graduate, Walden University

I am a 2010 graduate of Walden’s MS in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. I researched many programs, but Walden’s curriculum by far best matched what I needed for my nonprofit organization leadership role. I have clearly seen the direct application of what I learned from professors and classmates.

Joshua Odetunde | Student, Walden University

Two concepts of education attracted me to Walden University: Scholar-practitioner and Social Change. Education is to gain theoretical knowledge of the world around us that can be applied to the real world for social change.

Toya Hamilton | MS Student, Walden University

I choose Walden for the curriculum. I am currently studying for the PHR (Professional Human Resources) certification. Much of what I am learning in my course is also in my study material. I feel like the course is re-enforcing what I am studying. I love Walden because of the support system. I have a better relationship with my professor, than I did when I went to a brick and mortar school for my undergrad.

Renee Sullivan | PhD Graduate, Walden University

I chose Walden because I wanted a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology but I wasn’t able to discontinue my full-time job to attend a traditional program for 5-7 years.

When I checked into this program at two other schools, Walden was the only school to offer the Ph.D. in this area, plus I could continue working full-time while completing my education. I’ve have been very happy with the quality of education that I have received at Walden and believe it to be among the best, if not the best, offered online.

Sadly, not every State will accept Walden graduates for licensure exams because they are not APA-approved, which I knew when I enrolled but I was hoping that as online education continued to expand across the country, that states like Georgia would open their minds and realize that in many respects, attending classes online is much more comprehensive than attending traditional campus classes and make some much needed changes. That has yet to happen here.

Monica Jones | BS Student, Walden University

I was the military wife, and then mother, who didn’t go to college when I was young and energetic. I needed a way to constantly move, soon mother a child, and make room for jobs where I could find them. Following a soldier around ruins the resume of many a spouse—the young ones anyway—and we were 18 when we dived in. Often you don’t even bother to job hunt unless you need the income. Even in this day in age, my soldier was still briefed to try to arrange a financial life that only required his income. I’ve always longed to hit that one-year mark at a job, somewhere. I found that if I wanted a job and a company I could love like that eventually, that I needed the education. One of these days he would hit his ETS date (expiration, terms of service), and we would be thrust into the civilian job hunt. That day has come, and thankfully I’m a college senior now. I’ll always wish I had started sooner, but soon I’ll find “the” career, at “the” company, and I’ll have to set all new goals for myself. Walden’s already helping me take care of these! Not to mention the college’s emphasis on social change, which has made me seriously proud to be a part of it.

Jarrod Johnson | MBA Student, Walden University

I chose Walden for my Master’s program due to it meeting the flexibility I needed and its history as an online institution. The overwhelmingly positive experience I had during this endeavor is why I decided to stay with Walden as I pursue my Ph.D.

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