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The EvoLLLution Has Begun

Higher education has changed—and so too has our understanding of what learning is and how we should engage with it. It’s 2012, nearly 40 percent of today’s students are over age 25, and that number is only expected to grow.

Welcome to the 21st century? Not quite.

Although there are innovators at every level, most institutions of higher learning are having a hard time making the adjustment to this new normal. Lifelong learning and non-traditional education stands to revolutionize society by closing skill gaps, decreasing unemployment, improving personal wellbeing and more, but is a complicated concept to manage.

We created The EvoLLLution as a means of bringing together forward thinking individuals in a grassroots community so that silos of stakeholders could finally start to engage in a conversation and move the education industry forward.

Meet the Players

There are students, trying to navigate a complicated system and find the outcome-based learning they need. There are educators, trying to bring together student needs, institutional tradition, budgetary constraints, technological advancement and more, in order to create a means of educating these students. There are government players, trying to understand the factors—past, present and future—and providing the rules of the game. There is also the employer, trying to evaluate what businesses need from the education system and driving its implementation.

The EvoLLLution is the only place that brings together individual from all sides of the conversation. Watch this short documentary. It features EvoLLLution contributors Edward Abeyta, director of K-16 Program at UC San Diego, Rebecca Smith, vice president of San Diego Workforce Partnership and Terry Rawls, provost of Heald College, who delve a bit deeper into explaining why our society needs a greater emphasis on non-traditional education and how The EvoLLLution can provoke the necessary changes. 

Join Us

At the core of The EvoLLLution is an iconoclastic community. Made up of thought leaders, who are coming together, writing articles and expressing their ideas on how to improve the higher education system.

I invite you to look around the site, read a few articles and become a part of our community. Add your voice—comment or contribute an article—and help empower the higher education industry to move forward.