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Committing To Continuing Higher Education In The Workplace

Committing To Continuing Higher Education In The Workplace
Corporations need to financially support their employees' continuing education if they want to succeed. Photo by 401K.

Continuous learning is really important, especially when we’re talking about the workplace. Making sure employees have the skills and competencies they need to succeed and contribute to the company’s growth are crucial steps to staying competitive.

A lot of companies talk the talk about the value of learning, but actually walking the walk means not being afraid to put up cash for employee education. As the saying goes, it takes money to make money.

One of the traditional ways of going about providing corporate learning opportunities is hiring someone to come in and do a “packaged session” on a given topic. But who is this really helping?

Let me bring you in on a little secret… many of the employees who have been asked to attend a training seminar would rather be at their desks. Working. Unless they specifically asked for the session being provided, and unless that session helps them achieve a skill or competency that directly affects one of their goals… the session won’t be as effective as you’d hoped.

If, however, you provide your employees the opportunity to have just-in-time learning, where they have the support, tools and infrastructure in place to develop skills they need when they need them… Well now you’re making a difference!

Today, every company needs to walk the walk when it comes to employee education and training. Every employee has things they want to know, skills they want to learn and competencies they want to develop. They just don’t necessarily want to do those things at the time you’ve scheduled them to do it.

So let’s think big here, people. We’re in the 21st century! Whether it’s a partnership with a higher education institution offering online courses and certificate programs or full-blown custom degree programs like the lifelong learning partnership Wal-Mart recently inked with a major online institution. It’s time to get innovative, it’s time to get creative. After all, that’s how big-time businesses stay on top.

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