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Ashley Sanders | Doctoral Candidate, Michigan State University

Ashley Sanders | Doctoral Candidate, Michigan State University

Current Position and Past Experience
Ashley Sanders is currently a doctoral candidate in the department of History at Michigan State University. She is writing her dissertation on the formation and development of settler colonies in the American Midwest and French Algeria.

Sanders also works in the Digital Humanities and Digital Media field. She is currently a Network Developer for H-Net, where she trains editors to use the new Drupal platform and designs content for the history networks that comprise H-Net. In addition, she is project manager for the Topanga Historical Society’s archival digitization project.

Most recently Sanders presented at the Society for French Historical Studies Annual Conference and developed their Twitter presence at the 2013 meeting.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Sanders received her BSc in Mathematics and History Secondary Education from Western Michigan University in 2006. She began her doctorate at Michigan State University in 2008.

Sanders has held numerous assistantships and fellowships in her academic career. Most recently she was awarded a fellowship with the Newberry Consortium in American Indian Studies.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
Sanders describes herself as a bibliophile who loves technology, an outdoor & exercise enthusiast, and a social scholar. She enjoys trail running, hot yoga, hiking, horseback riding, music, wine, and art. You could say that she’s a bit of a Renaissance woman.

You can find Sanders on Twitter at @throughthe_veil or on her blog, Colonialism Through the Veil. Sanders also writes and guest edits for GradHacker, an Inside Higher Ed blog.

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