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Agnam Memeti | Chief Enrollment & Student Support Officer, DeVry University

Agnam Memeti | Chief Enrollment & Student Support Officer, DeVry University

Current Position and Past Experience
Agnam Memeti is currently Chief Enrollment and Student Support Officer at DeVry University. Previously, he was Vice President of Student Services at DeVry University. Among his responsibilities, he has lead the Academic, Financial and Career advising functions for the University ensuring that each student receives personalized assistance from the moment they apply through to graduation and beyond. He has dedicated his career to ensuring student success by implementing processes and policies in alignment with the University’s mission to empower students and meaningfully improve their lives, communities, and workplaces.

In addition to his current role, Agnam actively collaborates with faculty, staff, and external partners to create a holistic and enriching educational experience. He values proactive care and support for students, resulting in positive student outcomes. His vision and leadership have led to transformative initiatives that have positively impacted the lives of many DeVry students.

Agnam started his career at DeVry university as an Academic Advisor and witnessed immediately the impact advisors have on students’ lives. As VP of Student Services, he leads with this experience in mind to foster successful outcomes for all students.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Memeti holds a Master of Business Administration from DeVry University, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, Science and Creative Writing from the University of Illinois.

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