Published on 2020/04/22

What’s Happening At NCCET

The EvoLLLution | What's Happening at NCCET
NCCET has kicked into gear to serve their members by redesigning their website, creating new memberships and events.

While it seems like the whole world is struggling, we offer you a trifecta of good things that should make you smile.

The National Council of Continuing Education and Training is deeply engaged in a myriad of new initiatives and programs designed to give our members more reasons to remain committed to our association. There’s a lot more going on and a great deal more in the planning stages than we can share right now but stay tuned…the faithful will hear about it.

We have a new website!

Those of you who have been around for a while will be forgiven if we hear you say, “It’s about time!”   Without question, we needed one. There are too many growth opportunities in the works to allow ourselves to be hampered by a poorly designed, out-of-date website. Our members deserve better. Now, this is the foundation and platform for us to effectively reach out to those we serve.  Aside from giving us the tools to be more responsive, you’ll find it to be a lot more attractive and in time it will be a source of information and growth for you as well. There will be a link at the end of these announcements, because we don’t want you to leave to go see it yet!

We’re announcing new member categories!

There are now three distinctly different categories of NCCET Membership for our colleges. Those of you who have wandered off or are just now discovering NCCET for the first time, may wish to take advantage of our newest category: The Associate Member College. As long as your school offers continuing education programs, you are already an Associate Member of NCCET. To take advantage of this membership you need only provide us with an appropriate level contact person. There is no annual membership fee at the Associate Member level, but you will still receive invitations to NCCET programs and take advantage of several member benefits.

Next, we have maintained our Institutional Member College category, and we believe that we have made the benefits of membership much clearer than before. As of this year, the annual membership fee for this category is $500. At this time the Institutional Member College will be able to take advantage of every service NCCET has to offer at this time. More is coming, but for now, if you want to fully realize the benefit of membership for your school then you should begin as an Institutional Member.

Finally, we have always had those members who have numerous people actively engaged in the business of workforce development and continuing education. They send several people to our events and they all truly believe in NCCET. For collegiate organizations such as this, we have announced the Elite Member College. A higher annual membership fee of $850, it will include more people who can attend without additional costs. Your new website already lists the different benefits available under each of these categories, so I will not go into greater detail here, but we’re not finished!

We are pleased to pre-announce the NCCET Distance Learning Adaptation Forum!

The DLA Forum is a true virtual conference designed to help our schools as they continue the path they already begun in converting their training and delivery courses to online platforms. This event will take place from May 18th thru May 21st. The formal announcement date for this event is April 20th, but since we had your attention, we could not resist putting you on notice. This is going to be special. While you have undoubtedly seen a tremendous outgrowth of new Zoom webinars and online collaboration events, this event is intended to go well beyond consciousness raising and awareness. By taking advantage of all or any combinations of the 16 uniquely different sessions taking place during this conference, you will experience true learning comparable to a multi-hour course.

The event is priced at $95 for Institutional Member Colleges and Elite Member Colleges. Registration by your college provides your school with unlimited access by the school staff.

For Associate Member Colleges, the event is priced at $350. As a special attraction, non-members can pay the registration fee which will serve as the first-year membership fee for Institutional Membership.   This is a saving of $150. Again, registration by your college provides your school with unlimited access by the school staff. In all cases, participants must be pre-registered for the event.

For more information, and to see our new website, please join us at We are thrilled with all the action happening around us and we can’t wait to get feedback from you. Please stay safe and get ready because we’re just getting started.



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