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Students’ Salary Expectations Too High

A report by Accenture published this month reveals that this year’s graduating students have salary expectations that exceed what is realistic for a starting position in today’s job market.

1,010 students who expect to graduate in 2013 were surveyed, along with 1,005 graduates who completed their degrees in 2011 or 2012.

While 32 percent of recent graduates stated that they currently earn a salary of $25,000 or less, only 15 percent of the 2013 graduating class expect to earn that amount upon entering the workforce.

In addition to the salary expectation gap between soon-to-be graduates and recent graduates, the survey reported that more than 75 percent of current students believe they will receive formal on-the-job training. However, less than half of the recent graduates stated they received such training from their employers.

Recommendations from the report suggest that employers should modify their hiring practices and take on individuals who show potential, develop robust training programs and create meaningful partnerships with higher education institutions.

“These will help develop a fresh crop of talent that is better suited to your organization’s needs, and lead to better matching of students to jobs,” the report states.