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Destiny Solutions founds community to discuss and improve non-traditional education

Software firm unites top higher education thought leaders in an online forum, provoking collaboration and community to progress higher education

TORONTO, January 17, 2012 – Destiny Solutions, the leading innovator of lifelong learning business solutions, today announced a grassroots initiative aimed at increasing discussion about lifelong learning and improving higher education.

First and foremost a means of uniting individuals, the initiative, called the EvoLLLution, is an online newspaper, written exclusively by higher education stakeholders. Its contributors come together to form the only community, devoted exclusively to exploring and improving non-traditional education.

Contributors Edward Abeyta, director of K-16 Program at UC San Diego, Rebecca Smith, vice president of San Diego Workforce Partnership and Terry Rawls, provost of Heald College, explain in a short documentary why the EvoLLLution is needed.

“Our profession of lifelong learning is so fragmented and so variant in approaches that having an entity like EvoLLLution pulling all these different mindsets and views into a vibrant and organic community … ultimately helps the profession of lifelong learning define itself,” Abeyta said in the documentary.

The EvoLLLution is the brainchild of Destiny Solutions Founder and CEO, Shaul Kuper. It was founded as a means of bringing together a community of thought leaders, who embrace non-traditional education and lifelong learning.

“In the 10 years that I’ve been a part of the education industry, I’ve seen some incredible innovations and ideas that stand to change higher education for the better,” Kuper said. “The problem is, there has never been a forum for all stakeholders to come together, discuss their challenges, leverage their successes and propel education into the 21st century.”

Higher education has undergone substantial change over the last few decades. Today, only about 15 percent of higher education students still fit the traditional definition of young adults, age 18 to 22, who live on campus and go to school full time. Furthermore, the rapid pace of technological advancement has meant that education can no longer be a one-time experience and has instead turned into a lifelong pursuit.

Aiming to lead the transformative change in lifelong learning, the EvoLLLution brings the innovations founded in extension schools and continuing education divisions to the forefront of their institutions by provoking discussion among those who are already spearheading the requisite changes in higher education.

The EvoLLLution will be launching on January 30. For more information, please visit our website.

About The EvoLLLution

A grassroots online newspaper exclusively for, and by, those who understand higher education best, The EvoLLLution is the only place where you can find detailed opinions, news and research about the impact of non-traditional programs on the higher education industry and society-at-large. The EvoLLLution was crafted in recognition of the fact that there are innovators at every level of every institution. From the college dean, to the state system president to the professional student, individuals everywhere are retooling, reorganizing and rethinking their way into the 21st century. These are the people writing articles on The Evolllution and shaping the future of lifelong learning.