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Indiana University Takes Great Step Forward in Online Race

Indiana University has put forward an $8 million investment to develop a major online institution which will replace the institution’s School of Continuing Studies.

The new unit, IU Online, will move to delivering massive open online courses and will offer badges to students who master particular skills and complete the courses but do not enroll in degree programs.

“It recognizes that the distinction between ‘traditional’ and ‘nontraditional’ students is increasingly blurred and that it no longer makes sense to use different strategies to reach them,” said IU President Michael McRobbie during his last State of the University speech.

The IU Online unit will develop online undergraduate and graduate-level degree programs as well as creating online options for high-enrollment courses to help students complete their courses and degrees more quickly.

Furthermore, the university expects to increase its number of online degree and certificate programs overall, especially in business, technology and science faculties.

The delivery of badges will set this unit apart from most traditional education providers, who are still struggling to determine how to recognize the accomplishments of students who do not go through a traditional degree process.