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Low-Cost Tuition for California Workers

UniversityNow, the corporation that runs for-profit institutions New Charter University and Patten University, recently announced a partnership with employers from San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento, California. Under this program, the universities will offer online courses to eligible employees that will be paid entirely through tuition assistance reimbursement funds. The plan combines the current employee tuition reimbursement plan with UniversityNow’s College Works Scholarship Program.

It is expected the annual cost of tuition, including textbooks, will be discounted by UniversityNow to the maximum amount provided by participating employers.

Traditionally, one of the downfalls of employer-backed reimbursement plans for furthering one’s education is that the cost of tuition for employees is not fully covered, leaving employees with the responsibility of paying the difference. However, with the College Works Scholarship Program implemented, eligible employees will no longer need to pay for their education out of pocket.

With the new plan in place, UniversityNow expects more employers in the North California area to provide tuition reimbursement plans to their employees to help them further their education.

Moreover, the company expects more employees to begin taking advantage of the continuing education opportunities on offer. As stated by UniversityNow, the goal of the for-profit company to ensure that workers will not need to take out loans to take courses with their schools.

“They just got a ticket to college — it’s free now.” Gene Wade, CEO of UniversityNow, told Inside Higher Ed.