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Marcus Bowles | Director and Chair, Institute for Working Futures

Marcus Bowles | Director and Chair, Institute for Working Futures

Current Position and Past Experience
Dr. Marcus Bowles currently serves as strategic adviser to DeakinDigital, and is co-founder of The Institute for Working Futures. Marcus also consults for large organizations, governments, professional associations, and industry groups all over Australasia. Marcus is an adjunct professor at Deakin University and a Visiting Professor at Macquarie University.

Marcus has a deep insight into the transformation work and learning and is respected for being a strategic thinker. After an early interlude with the military, his career includes near 25 years of private consultancy on over 220 projects, numerous start-ups (both breakthrough successes and glorious failures), and academic teaching and research. His global research interests include projects in credentialling and capability recognition, competency-based training frameworks, organisational agility and leadership in the digital age, building regional competitiveness and opportunities for rural youth, and the future of learning and work. He is also an author; public commentator; speaker at schools; chair and member of private boards, and visiting lecturer on select post-graduate courses.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Marcus’ academic background includes undergraduate study (Melbourne University) in public administration that transitioned into a Ph.D. (University of Tasmania) on technology change and innovation, and a later Masters of Education in competency-based leadership development.

Marcus is well renowned for his startups relating to how digital technologies can enhance access to learning and assessment. The Multiversity™ online content aggregator and recognition engine won ‘Intelligent Island’ plaudits in 2000, and the QTImPlayer™ mobile assessment authoring and reporting tool won a Gold Medal from the IMS Global Learning Consortium in 2010.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
Marcus lives in Tasmania, Australia. In this beautiful environment he and his wife have raised three children and their posse of animals. Besides enjoying most wilderness pursuits, Marcus spends time working side-by-side with local entrepreneurs supporting their personal journeys.

You can connect with Marcus Bowles through LinkedIn and through his personal website.

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