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Johnna Weary | Marketing Manager, JMH Consulting

Johnna Weary | Marketing Manager, JMH Consulting

Current Position and Past Experience
With 10 years' experience working with outreach departments at universities across the U.S. and Canada, Johnna Weary is focused on delivering marketing solutions that function well within the constraints and pressures encountered by higher education departments who are operating in an increasingly competitive industry. To accomplish this goal, Weary develops and implements comprehensive digital marketing strategies, and creates and optimizes targeted custom landing pages to increase business impact for her clients.

Johnna Weary currently serves as JMH Consulting’s Marketing Manager and Senior Consultant to several of JMH’s university clients. For six years prior, Weary held the position of Online Marketing Consultant at JMH Consulting.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Weary earned her BA in Russian Language and Culture and Dance and Movement Studies from Emory University. Weary earned her Master of Fine Arts in Dance from CSU Long Beach in 2013.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
With an MFA in Dance, Weary served as a Dance Instructor at CSU Long Beach for a short time, teaching a combination lecture and movement course on jazz dance. In addition, as a graduate student, Weary taught several college courses, including introduction to modern dance, and jazz technique. Her teaching experience proves helpful in her work with clients, considering the high priority JMH places on education within each client relationship.

Weary lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and baby. She is still passionate about dance, but mostly practices yoga these days.

You can connect with Johnna Weary on LinkedIn.

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