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Together, we challenge traditional ideas about higher education by voicing opinions and bringing industry leading insights to the forefront.

The EvoLLLution Partnership

Champion the cause of non-traditional higher education, and join a partnership that elevates your industry expertise and audience to the next level!

The EvoLLLution is the only newspaper that recognizes the impact of non-traditional higher education and is exclusively focused on advancing it. We publish opinion articles and interviews every day by leaders across the postsecondary space. We have published thousands of articles since launching in 2012 discussing the rapidly-transforming higher education industry from numerous perspectives and reflecting on how leaders are adapting their institutions to these shifts.

We’re now offering associations the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our community to help advance the institutions they represent.

Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with The EvoLLLution presents an exciting chance for your organization to gain critical visibility and access curated and focused content that will help you propel the growth of the institutions and audiences you serve. Specifically, you:

  1. Get access to an exclusive online newspaper populated by curated articles and interviews on topics of interest to your audience;
  2. Receive newsletters highlighting top reads that have been authored by your peers from the higher education space—from deans and directors to provosts, presidents and CIOs to employers;
  3. Can contribute by authoring articles, sharing your ideas and perspectives, and connecting with the wider higher education community.


If you’re an association looking to strengthen communications with, and best practice sharing for, your audience, you might be a prime candidate for an EvoLLLution partnership. For more information, email

Our Partners

Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE)

The ACHE is a network of almost 1,200 individuals from over 300 institutions across the US and Canada, who are dedicated to promoting excellence in continuing higher education and to sharing their expertise and experience with one another.

To know more about the ACHE, please visit