Published on 2013/01/18

iPad Mini Required for Lynn University

After a successful trial run, Lynn University announced that iPad Mini devices will be incorporated into their programs starting in the next academic year. In fall 2013, all new students entering Lynn University will be required to buy an iPad Mini for $475. The device will already be fully loaded with necessary readings and textbooks for classes, and ultimately will cost about half of what students would pay for the printed versions.

Although Lynn University is not the first higher education institution to roll out the use of Apple’s education products, the University’s model is considered unique as they are incorporating the devices into the curriculum design. The use of the iPad Mini will be standardized across all of the institution’s programs. University leaders expect to integrate the flipped classroom model into their programming in an effort to create more interaction and engagement inside and outside of the classroom.

“We have faculty who can achieve the flipped classroom simply by giving students, through technology, ways they can get together outside of the classroom, so when they come into class they can have a discussion,” Gregg Cox, vice president for academic affairs, told Inside Higher Ed.

According to Lynn University President, Kevin Ross, his institution’s faculty has been very open to the introduction of the new devices. One of the University’s professors, Mike Petroski, previously had the opportunity to test out the devices in one of his classrooms.

“It’s changed the way I would teach classes,” Petroski told Inside Higher Ed. “I like to think it just brings my classroom work more alive.”

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