Budgetary Restraints Lead To Review

Due to budgetary restraints, The California Community Colleges Board of Governors is considering major changes to the way they deliver education, and to whom that education is delivered.

Inside Higher Ed’s Paul Fain points to a report published by a state task force that recommends prioritizing students who are likely to gain their first degree “while those who meander or accumulate large numbers of credits without a degree should go to the back of the line”.

This has causes a furor among supporters of adult education, as these changes will  impact the number of adults who are able to attend college either for professional or personal development. It will also impact those who are undecided on their academic future and don’t want to declare a particular major.

The heart of the issue seems to be the ideal that everyone has the right to a college education. According to Jack Scott, the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors, this ideal is simply not feasible.

“We’re not open to all,” he said. “Some people don’t want to face up that it’s reality.”

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