Published on 2013/06/21

Independence and Revenue-Generation Critical to Staying Nimble and Responsive

Independence and Revenue-Generation Critical to Staying Nimble and Responsive
As a public institution that does not receive state funds, CSU-Global is able to accomplish its mission of serving adult students by operating nimbly, responding to needs as they arise and delivering programs that are in-demand across the labor market.

The benefits of higher education are well documented, and the data gathered indicates postsecondary learning facilitates higher employment rates and salaries, more job promotions and increased standards of living. However, to be able to deliver the education that provides those benefits requires that higher educational institutions have the ability to meet market demands and trends in a timely manner.

With the increased pace of change due to technology and globalization, and the decreasing funding available — particularly to state institutions —  and with the structures and processes in place at traditional universities, the ability of established institutions to provide customized education on-demand becomes challenging, if at all attainable.

Fortunately, with the added dimension of online delivery applications, universities now have access to tools needed to provide curriculum that is progressive, adaptable, relevant and quickly delivered. These are trends that strengthen the case that knowledge important to societal well-being and applicable to workplace success can now be obtained through academic programs. To that end, Colorado State University (CSU)-Global Campus has recognized it can leverage its core competencies to promote online education and its many different forms and functions in order to facilitate more effective learning through customization.

CSU-Global is an independent, 100-percent online, fully-accredited public university whose mission is to serve adult learners with bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and other lifelong learning opportunities. This approach not only helps the university build curriculum that meets industry and market demand, but also allows it to tailor-make academic programs and courses for businesses, community organizations and other universities.

CSU-Global is unique in its ability to accomplish this as it is a public university that does not receive state funds. It operates exclusively off of its own cash flow which, along with the technology-based market in which it competes, has created a market-driven culture focused on outcomes, continual improvement and innovation. Its organizational structure is built to facilitate student learning, validated by employment and workplace success, as it also accommodates fluctuations in student demand. CSU-Global staff and faculty have the expertise needed to quickly create and deliver customized curriculum to meet the specific outcomes desired of client organizations or the individual learner.

These core competencies allow CSU-Global to license, sell or provide courses in a turnkey manner while diversifying its own skills and knowledge base for organizational stability.  In a world in which organizational leaders have clear expectations of the content, look and results of ‘their’ courses, CSU-Global is proud it has the ability to share its expertise in online learning with learners in all industries for purposes of degree attainment, organizational training, workplace success and lifelong learning.

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Readers Comments

Jessica Prince 2013/06/21 at 7:31 am

What kind of impact does CSU-Global have on the rest of the system? Are professors and administrators at the Global campus also working at physical campuses across CO, or are they specifically focused on CSU-Global?

    Becky Takeda-Tinker 2013/06/24 at 12:24 pm

    As an independent entity in the CSU System, CSU-Global reports to the System Board of Governors alongside its sister institutions. CSU-Global’s innovative model for nontraditional learners is effective and beneficial to the academic and professional goals of its students, as evident by its graduation/retention rate of 73%. A recent alumni survey also showed that 95% of those who responded were working for pay, and 55% are earning more than $55,000 a year.

    In regards to faculty, CSU-Global seeks instructors that have industry experience in their areas of expertise and who are academically qualified (82% have terminal degrees). CSU-Global recruits and trains its own faculty for working with adult students in an online environment.

Stacy Hexner 2013/06/21 at 10:45 am

If CSU-Global does not accept state funding, and does not run programming through state mechanisms before it’s implemented and delivered, what makes it a public institution?

    Becky Takeda-Tinker 2013/06/24 at 12:25 pm

    CSU-Global resides within the CSU System and is governed by the Board appointed by the Governor of Colorado. The university adheres to the same Board, State, and accreditation requirements of its sister institutions.

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