Published on 2012/02/14

Losses and Winnings

Losses and Winnings
Being forced to go on the job-hunt while at school can be extremely difficult, but allows more time to focus on studies. Photo by Gerlos

Non-traditional students are people who have their own families, jobs and a hectic schedule. However, they choose to continue their education because they want a better life for their family or in some cases, a more comfortable life for themselves. Their life is very busy and stressful because of their choice to continue education as non-traditional students. Considering the hectic schedule, the loss of a job can be a shattering and very stressful event. That is exactly what I just experienced myself. At this moment, my main worries are how to find another job and will I be able to continue with my education.

Losing a job is stressful enough, but when you are in school your worries are even more traumatic. Without a job, you cannot pay your bills nor provide for your family. Each semester you need new books for your classes, but without income there is not much you can do. You need to get creative. In my case, my next step was to find all possible opportunities without spending a fortune for my books and other needed items for my classes. This semester, I am taking six classes. For this reason, I am really worried if I will be able to continue with my education.

My first step was to get some advice from my Pfeiffer University advisor. I asked for suggestions on how can I save money and still be able to finish my classes and graduate. There was a hope; in fact, I could take two classes at the Central Community College and I will take the last four classes at Pfeiffer University. Savings on tuition and books were tremendous between the College and University! Nevertheless, I looked into renting books rather than buying, and renting the older editions since there are very little changes made by the publication company.  This helped me to cut on my expenses.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Even though losing my job was devastating to me, my wish to continue with my education is very imperative and fulfilling for my future. At this moment, I can spend more time completing my homework because when I was working I was unable to schedule time for my homework. Juggling between Central Community College and Pfeiffer University with a total of six classes I needed more time. Therefore, the loss of my job, in a way, came at the right time because there is no way I could work full time and have enough time for all of my classes.

Lastly, my situation is a loss and a win. While losing my job is my loss, I am winning because I am able to continue my education. I have a better perspective for my life because of the loss of my job. Things do happen and everyone needs to be prepared for changes that life may bring. My life was routine. Therefore, I never really appreciated everything that I had. My loss opened my eyes and made me realize that I need to cherish what I have and not take it for granted. My loss only made me stronger.

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Readers Comments

Frank W 2012/02/14 at 11:10 am

Thank you for writing this article, Asta.

I am in the same situation myself; I’m an adult student who was laid off last month. It’

s been incredibly difficult to make ends meet and to explain to my kids what’s happening, but it makes me more determined to succeed in my schooling so I can come out of this experience stronger and more able to support myself and my family.

Asta 2012/02/15 at 10:53 am

You are welcome Frank! I am glad you enjoyed reading my article.

Yancy Oshita 2012/02/15 at 1:47 pm

Very eye-opening, Asta…Having been a non-traditional student while working and supporting a family, I can attest first-hand about the stress. In addition, I’ve also been through the trials of a layoff. However, with the way things are heading in jobs, I think your continuing education (while looking for a new job/career) is so important these days…here’s a interesting post on jobs and education that caught my attention:

Thanks for sharing. Best for you in your losses and winnings…

Hiroshi 2012/03/02 at 2:31 pm

I understand the datbee around e-learning. I think first and foremost, one must be disciplined to fully take advantage of e-learning. I also recommend that those who decide to use e-learning as a platform become familiar with social networking tools and understand how to build an online community for support to help replace the face-to-face interaction. It makes sense as we try to catch up with 21st Century Learning.

Asta 2012/03/23 at 5:50 pm


I am glad you enjoyed my article and thank you for the link.


Asta 2012/03/23 at 5:55 pm


I agree with you, if you taking or thinking to take some online classes you must be well disciplined and familiar with social networking tools. Misunderstanding with e-learning that it is easier, but it is opposite. It’s a lot more work than anyone thinks.


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