Leveraging Technology to Overcome Obstacles

The obstacles facing higher education institutions today are well-known and exhaustively covered. Heightened expectations from students and external observers, coupled with significant reductions in operating budgets and increased price consciousness, have created a challenging environment for today’s postsecondary leaders.

At some institutions, leaders are struggling to find answers to these challenges, while others have taken significant steps to differentiate their institutions. Some of these innovative leaders have decided to double down on the unique aspects of their colleges and universities, creating deeper levels of market differentiation. For many more institutions, distinct differentiation is not a clear option, so they explored ways to significantly improve the outcomes of their learners.

No matter which direction institutional leaders choose to go—be it differentiation, improvement or both—effectively leveraging of technology is a common and critical trait to their long term success. Whether it’s improving business process efficiency, reducing silos that minimized communication or improving the student experience inside and outside of the classroom, technology plays a central role in supporting viability and growth.

This Feature highlights how leaders at resource-constrained institutions across the country have leveraged technology to improve the student experience and to transform their outcomes.


The Courage to Transform

Three Ways R3’s Stand Out From the Crowd

To stay competitive and to continue creating an engaging environment for students, R3 institutions need to focus on their mission, faculty engagement and continued innovation.

Reluctance to Change is the Greatest Impediment to Long-Term Success

Leaders of small institutions need to be open to, and excited about, change and innovation in order to ensure the long-term viability and success for their colleges and universities.


Innovating Away From The Status Quo

Leveraging Technology and Stepping Away from the Status Quo: A Roadmap for Change

Through leveraging technology, minimizing siloes and minimizing the value of the status quo, institutions can take significant steps towards improving the student experience and student outcomes.


Tackling an Ineffective Model

Reinventing Advising to Transform Student Outcomes

By focusing attention and resources on improving student success, it’s possible to find and leverage the right technological tools that make a real difference for learners.


The Role of Data in Transformation

Improving Data Collection, Analysis and Access Key to Supporting Student Success

Improving data collection, analysis and accessibility is absolutely critical to the process of improving student outcomes and performance in resource-constrained environments.


Evolution in Action

Leveraging Technology to Create a Holistic Advising Experience

By understanding students’ needs and finding and leveraging appropriate technologies, staff and faculty can better manage their time and resources to maximize success for all learners.