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Tamara Parris | Workplace and Executive Coach, Business Accountability

Current Position and Past Experience
Parris has provided career and employment counseling since 1991 and conducted social, business and employment satisfaction research since 2001. During this time she designed and developed an assessment tool to identify the quality of service and intervention outcomes of staff/client interactions, programs and services. This tool is currently being utilized by Family Service Association organizations.

She began researching in 2004, the physical & psychological impact aggressive/disruptive employees have on Corporate Culture, Operation costs, Human Resource Assets and Employee Loyalty & Trust. Between 2005 and 2009, she was one of several people who spearheaded the grassroots petitioning and advocacy of social policy Bill 168 to ensure Workplace Harassment & Violence are not permitted in Ontario workplaces. It is now part of the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act as of June 2010. She also prepared and facilitated professional development workshops to teach the concept of Development Outcome Measurement and Program Assessment, as well as the correct utilization of the model.

Tamara has run two successful businesses in Latin America, one of which provided a business-mentoring program to teach business and office skills to native Hondurans to better their life chances.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Tamara Parris graduated from Ryerson University with her bachelors of Social Work degree, focusing on group dynamics development, crisis management counseling, and conflict resolution and management.

You can reach Tamara Parris on the web via the Business Accountability website or on Twitter @business_genie. You can also contact her by phone at 647-773-5100.