Author Profile

Sarah Bishop-Root | CourseSites Marketing and Community Manager, Blackboard

Current Position and Past Experience
Since 2011, Sarah Bishop-Root has been the Marketing and Community Manager for Blackboard’s CourseSites. Prior to this, she worked in Marketing Operations for Blackboard. Before joining Blackboard Sarah spent 3 years as a Marketing Operations Consultant with ANGEL Learning.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Bishop-Root earned her BFA in 2003 from The College of Santa Fe. She is currently working towards earning her MS in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University Bloomington.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
Sarah has taken a personal interest in the global impact of Open Education and believes CourseSites is not only a great free resource that enables instructors to add an online component to their course, but an impactful vehicle for instructors to share open educational resources and teach their own open courses.

You can find Bishop-Root through the CourseSites blog or Twitter account.