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Matt Imboden | Chief Student Services Officer in the School of Business, Wake Forest University

Current Position and Past Experience
Matt Imboden currently serves as Chief Student Services Officer in the School of Business at Wake Forest University, in Winston-Salem, NC, where he leads an integrated academic services and student affairs function of committed and passionate colleagues in support of student success. Matt’s responsibilities include oversight for student support and programming strategies across the school’s on-campus and on-line programs, registrarial functions and academic policy adjudication, student advising, academic progress/retention, student organizations and activities, student conduct, program assessment, student case/crisis management, and a centralized student service desk. He also serves as a Deputy Title IX Coordinator and a liaison to the university's behavioral and threat assessment team. Matt has worked in professional and graduate student settings since 2012, with experiences in more traditional undergraduate student affairs roles prior. He currently serves as the national chairperson of the Administrators in Graduate & Professional Services (AGAPSS) Knowledge Community within NASPA and is part of an active family of four including his partner Lauren and their two young children.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Imboden is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Studies with a concentration in Higher Education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

You can connect with Matt Imboden on Twitter @mattimboden