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Leighton Johnson | Director of Education and Workforce, South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership

Current Position and Past Experience
Leighton Johnson serves as Director of Education & Workforce Initiatives for the South Bend – Elkhart Regional Partnership (SBERP), where he leads regional coordination efforts of education, industry, economic development and workforce partners to develop and/or enhance the work-based learning and education ecosystem. Leveraging real-time labor market information, SBERP partners with education partners to ensure that programs meet current and future labor market demands, while also ensuring that occupations within focus provide high-wage opportunities aligned with regional goals to increase the per capita income of workers across South Bend – Elkhart, as defined within SBERP’s 2018 Regional Economic Development Strategy.

Leighton brings a unique background in workforce planning, education, and policy development with previous consulting experience developing US DOL apprenticeship programs with local Advanced Manufacturing companies in Elkhart County and also serving as a Program Manager for Jobs for the Future (a national education-workforce intermediary based in Boston, MA).

You can connect with Leighton via email or on Twitter