Author Profile

Katy Meyers | Research Assistant for the Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University

Current Position and Past Experience
Katy Meyers is currently a Research Assistant with the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University. She also serves as an Associate Editor for Bioarchaeology with the Society for Archaeological Services — a position she has held since 2012 — and has been a Social Media Instructor since 2011.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Meyers is currently working towards earning her PhD in Mortuary Archaeology, which she expects to earn in 2015. She earned her bachelor’s degree from SUNY College at Geneseo and her master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh.

Meyers is highly active in sharing her thoughts and experiences across the web. She founded the GradHacker blog run through Inside Higher Ed. She runs a Mortuary and Bioarchaeology blog called Bones Don’t Lie, and can be found on Twitter @bonesdonotlie as well as on Facebook. You can also find Meyers on Michigan State University’s website.