Author Profile

Debra Mathis | Doctoral student, Walden University

Current and Past Educational Experiences
Debra Mathis earned her BS in Music Theory from Western Michigan University in 1983. In 2009, she earned her MS in Psychology from Capella University. She expects to earn her PhD in Health Psychology in 2013.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
Mathis is a Board Member at the Brownwood Area Community Garden, which was established with the goal of feeding the hungry in Brown County, Texas. BACG also provides employment opportunities to low income community residents, in addition to providing garden space to residents of Brownwood. Educational workshops are presented throughout the year, and Mathis has facilitated presentations on growing sprouts and medicinal uses of culinary herbs.

She was trained with Sexual Assault Support Services in Eugene, Oregon in 2008, and also completed training in the Court Appointed Special Advocate Program in Brown County, Texas. She also plays piano for the Corinne T. Smith animal shelter at their annual fundraiser. Much of her time is spent in her garden at home, cultivating organic herbs. Mathis has also produced “Phantoms Dance”, a CD featuring her solo piano improvisation, and “Stolen Match”, which showcases her poetry in spoken word format. She published her first poetry book, “Gravity Moves Water”, in 2007.

You can reach Mathis via Twitter @ChironRose.