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Bob Little | Corporate Learning Specialist

Current Position and Past Experience
Based in the UK but working around the world, Bob Little is the Proprietor at Bob Little PR, having been the Senior Partner at Bob Little Press & PR for some 29 years until April 2019. He focuses on clients operating in the online learning technologies sector. Little was a Founding Principal at The Company of Thought, an international think-tank analysing developments in the corporate online learning industry worldwide. He retired from the role in 2018. Before establishing Bob Little Press & PR, Little was a newspaper and magazine editor, a journalist, market analyst, corporate trainer – and singer. During his career as a corporate learning and public relations specialist, Little has, so far, advised three national governments and a number of multi-national companies, as well as niche learning developers and suppliers around the world.

Education, Honors and Achievements
Bob Little holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Wales. He also holds the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s Diploma in Religious Knowledge. In 2010, he became a Freeman of the City of London, by Redemption.

Personal Details and Community Involvement
For six years until 2014, Little was a Trustee and Main Board member at Workplace Matters, an ecumenical charity in the UK fostering chaplaincy in the workplace. Since 2014, Little has been the Chair of the Hertfordshire Fellowship of Baptist Preachers.

Little’s interests include singing (having trained as an opera singer (tenor), he sang roles for several semi-professional opera companies and was auditioned twice by The Royal Opera in Covent Garden, London). He now sings roles for local opera companies and, as a soloist, in concerts. Little also offers vocal coaching and has written two books on music – one on how to sing, while the other book is a biography of his teacher, the former principal tenor at Covent Garden, Edgar Evans.

Little’s other notable interests are in the sporting arena: cricket and rugby union – as a player and, now, a spectator. He is a member of Surrey County Cricket Club, in London.

In addition to his own blog, Bob Little writes for Blogs around the world including the Speexx Blog (Germany) and Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) Blog (UK). You can also find him on Twitter. Connect with Bob Little on LinkedIn
Bob Little | Corporate Learning Specialist