Published on 2021/09/10

Adopting 21st Century Marketing Tactics in Higher Education

 In today’s digital age, students expect choice—in all aspects of their lives. By adopting 21st century marketing tactics, institutions can engage and retain the modern learner.

Illumination by Modern Campus: Episode 10

On this week’s episode of Illumination by Modern Campus, we look at adopting 21st century marketing best practices in higher ed to meet the needs of modern learners. 

Marketing tactics have to change to match the expectations of evolving learner demographics. Things that worked 20 years ago can no longer be counted on—especially in the digital age. So as we look at marketing to prospective students, why is personalization so important to engaging modern learners? 

Creating a unique experience to each learner can be daunting, especially if you’re an institution serving a large number of diverse student groups. But personalization is key to engaging and retaining these learners. So what are the challenges to delivering a personalized experience at scale? 

Challenging doesn’t mean impossible. If anything, this gives institutions the opportunity to re-evaluate and improve their current processes. In looking to improve, what are some best practices to overcome these common obstacles? 

Once personalization is implemented across the institution, current and prospective students will pay attention. This is exactly what they were looking for. But how can personalization tactics be leveraged to attract and engage students?

Personalization delivers on the modern learners’ wants and needs. And it’s a win-win for both the students and the institution. And it’s not just a one-time transaction—there’s great potential for the learner to stay with your institution for their lifelong learning journey. When it comes down to it, once a student is enrolled, what impact can personalization have on retention?

Listen to this week’s episode of Illumination by Modern Campus, featuring Jon Hinderliter, to unlock the answers to these questions and discover some best practices to engage and retain the modern lifelong learner. 

Illumination Podcast Episode 10

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