Published on 2019/10/25

One Magical Reason Why NCCET 2019 Is A Can’t-Miss Event

The EvoLLLution | One Magical Reason Why NCCET 2019 Is A Can’t-Miss Event
Learn about the impact of an elite customer and staff experience from the best in the business at NCCET’s 50th Anniversary Conference in Orlando.

For a modern community college to be successful—especially in the non-credit and continuing education space—the customer experience is incredibly important. It’s what makes the college stand out to prospective learners and employers. It’s what makes learners who enroll in courses and programs continue to enroll at the college over the course of their career.

One company stands out against all others for placing the customer experience at the center of their DNA. Known globally for bringing magic into people’s lives, Disney will jump off the screen and onto the stage at NCCET 19 in Orlando, Florida.

If you have not yet made your travel plans or taken a hard look at attending this year’s 50th Anniversary Conference, now is the time to do so.

The Disney Institute will be offering a keynote presentation that will bring the Disney approach to life in real time. Speakers will share the best practices of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts around customer and employee satisfaction in a way that only they can provide. After all, Disney Parks & Resorts act as living laboratories, and will allow you to integrate the presentation of Disney methods with first-hand observations in the field.

Imagine coming back from Orlando having had the benefit of learning best practices from the best! Be inspired by practical applications that you can take back to your respective schools or departments.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn and grow. Bring Disney’s business insights on leadership, work culture and service to your institution as one of the key steps making a positive change for your career, team or college—as well as for the students and the communities you serve.

Register now as a member or non-member while there are still room reservations and seats to be had.



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