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The EvoLLLution is an online newspaper exclusively for and by those who understand higher education best. We publish articles and interviews by individuals across the postsecondary space sharing their insights on higher education and their opinions on what the future holds for the industry—all through a uniquely non-traditional lens.

For years, the true innovators in the postsecondary space have been working independently; siloed and unable to communicate with one another. Shaul Kuper, president and CEO of Destiny Solutions, founded The EvoLLLution as a platform to bring together innovative individuals in order to advance the industry.

The EvoLLLution is now the go-to source for opinions and information on non-traditional higher education. We do not have a staff of reporters or writers. Instead, we work with over 1,000 contributors, who are college deans, state system presidents, working adults, hiring managers, government officials and everyone in-between. Our contributors write their own articles, so information on The EvoLLLution is always unfiltered and straight from the people who understand higher education best.

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To unite the lifelong learning community to provoke ideas, re-imagine education, inspire collaboration and create action to lead the transformative change in higher education.

Our Guiding
  • The traditional higher education model does not meet the needs of today’s society, meaning we must rethink its identity.
  • For better or worse, competition and commoditization are key contributors to the changing higher education landscape.
  • Technology is central to change at all levels of higher education.
  • Many of the most forward-thinking innovations and ideas in higher education have — and will continue to — come from divisions that serve non-traditional students.
  • Successful higher education management hinges on efficient business practices.
  • We use the term ‘non-traditional’ because it is widely understood. However, we hesitate to define this group by what they are not because ‘non-traditional’ practices and policies embody the future of higher ed.
  • All of our content comes from individuals active in the higher education field because the people on the ground are the people who know best.
  • While The EvoLLLution has a distinct perspective, we know that a well-rounded discussion needs numerous viewpoints. Therefore, we strive to provide a supportive platform for contributors to share their stories, opinions and experiences.